Upland 101

Welcome to the wonderful world of Upland! Here is some basics to help you get started. Once you get comfortable with the basics there is a lot more content to be explored here and among the community.

For any questions, please join the Upland Fan Discord (https://discord.gg/Fjs3zXA) there are a ton of helpful players there 24/7 willing to help you out.

If this site and its content has inspired you to join the Upland family please use registration link; https://discover.upland.me/guru. Using this link helps support the work we are doing here at Upland.Guru, additionally you will get an extra 50% bonus on your first UPX purchase!

General Tips and Tricks

  • Do NOT just buy the first property you are next to, chances are you’re past this point in the game but hopefully you’re not like me and spend 100,000UPX on garbage non-collectible properties (Check the intersection of 35th Ave and Cabrillo St if you want to see where I started)
  • Always confirm in the Boosted Earnings information that the property you’re buying is part of the collection you’re buying it for (another 1st hand lesson there)
  • New with Mojito: Reverse Lookup! On the collection screen you can click “Edit” and under the“Other Properties” tab you can see all the properties for a collection!
  • You don’t have to complete the collection in order! Feel free to drop 8M UPX and go straight to museums! It’s actually the most efficient and highest ROI. If I had to do it over 100% I would have used my first 10M to complete Museums.
  • You can figure out the base cost of any property by taking the Monthly UPX and dividing by 0.0144
    • This is an important thing to note because all properties no matter what the cost or area all get the same starting interest rate** Note this may change in the future and the guide will be updated accordingly
  • When you click the “Property List View” that shows you all the properties for sale, it will only show you properties currently rendered on your map (often the green dots with the numbers) 
    • To see the full list of properties zoom completely out before searching. 
    • This is also a great way to find properties for sale in a specific area or evaluate the competition; zoom in to the area you want to price check before going into the search.
    • The default short is the cheapest price first and is currently the only search/sort criteria available

Property Colors 101

User Interface Guide Reference

Thanks to Uplander AmineU for the great guide!

SF Official Collections Map

Thanks to our amazing cartographer Kacio

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