Upland Resources

There is a lot of great content created by a lot of great players and the development team. Here are some various sources of recommended content.

Live Community Chat

Find live updates and chat with fellow Uplanders on either the Official Discord and/or the Fan Discord

Upland Fans Discord Server


UCN (Upland Contributor Network) are outlets/contributors officially endorsed by the Upland Team. Note this content is not created or controlled by the team; simply, these sources have been vetted and known to contributed quality and meaningful content.Uplander

UplanderPrimary Content Location
ZHIDALGOKIDZUpland Central (YouTube)
JunJunpnoy57Upland Central (YouTube)
LeftHouseUpland Action News (YouTube)
SedodeThe Market Llama (YouTube)
NikiA Journey in Upland (Medium Blog)
BdagUpland for Cheapskates (Medium Blog)
GawbieUK Uplander (Publish0X Blog)
2Stupid2WinUPX PodCast (Spotify)

Foreign Language Resources

UplanderPrimary Content LocationLanguage(s)

Other Unofficial Upland Resources

UPX Pod Cast (Alternative Links)

Property Explorer – https://dailyuplander.com
Property Explorer – http://upx.lenz.gr

https://www.publish0x.com/upland-fan-blog (Old TML Blog)
TML’s Player Guide (Old Google Doc)

Twitter Handles

Here are some Twitter handles you may want to follow for Upland news/information and other related topics. For a larger list of players we have identified as part of the Upland.Me Twitter family be sure to check out the Upland.Me List

ThankMeLater (@TML_Upland) – UCN
Upland Central (@UplandCentral) – UCN
The Upland Action News (@LeftHouseRecord) -UCN
UK Uplander (@uk_uplander) – UCN
The Turbo (@TheTurboUpland) – UCN
Niki (@niqestates) – UCN
The Market Llama (@TheMarketLlama) – UCN
Brian Dags (@dagsbricks) – UCN

UplandMe (@UplandMe) – Official Upland Twitter Handle
Idan (@IdanZuck) – Official, Co Founder of Upland
Dirk (@DirkLueth) – Official, Co Founder of Upland

The Upland Property Experts (@UPXPodcast) – Other
Upland Data (@UplandData) – Other
Upland Istanbul (@UplandIstanbul) – Other
Choyna (@ChoynaMan) – Other
DaLenz (@_dalanz_) – Other

Official Channels

While most of the content and focus of this site is community and fan created content, sometimes Official is the only way to go.

Official Upland Discord Server Lots of good communication, official Requests and Technical Support channels are found here. Home of Laz, be sure to say hi!

Upland Official YouTube

Upland Official Twitter

https://www.publish0x.com/upland Official Blog