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Picture taken August 11th 2020. Click to image to see Lefthouse’s current profile.

Welcome to another installment of our new series “Meet an Uplander”. In this series we will introduce you to various members of the community so you can; learn more about them, how they came to Upland, and what they are looking to get out of the game. Hopefully you will (or maybe already have) get to interact with these members in more social settings like Discord.

TML: Tell us a little bit about yourself; where in the world are you from? Anything interesting you’d like to share about yourself with the community?

LEFTHOUSE: I am LEFTHOUSE, some call me Brian McGuire. I was born in Chicago, grew up in Austin Texas, and I have been a Los Angeles California native for 21 years now. I write, direct, and act in films. I write, produce, and perform musically. I am a proud member of the UCN and I am the lead anchor at The Upland Action News!

TML: What’s your background; Crypto or Gaming?

LEFTHOUSE: I got my start as a gamer at 4 years old. But to get into gaming at this age, I had to sell a silver bar I got as a Christmas gift. I watched the market for 2 months until I found the perfect moment to sell my silver at a high price. High enough to get my first Attari 2600. I did have Pong before that so you can say I am an OG gamer. I also got into crypto 3 years ago like everybody else. I am all in and a full believer. Blockchain is the future and the future is now.

TML: Very cool! How did you hear about Upland?

LEFTHOUSE: I am always looking for new and good blockchain games, and when I found Upland I believe I found the best. I searched for it and found it on a top 10 list.

TML: What is the most exciting thing to you about Upland?

LEFTHOUSE: The endless possibilities, the creativity, and the community. Where do we go?!?! Let’s see, can’t wait!

TML: What is your favorite property (it can be owned by you or someone else)? Why?

LEFTHOUSE: I have a few favorite props, but the one I would say is at the top is my movie theater, The LeftHouseFM Clay Movie Theater on 2261 Fillmore st. Stop by with your Block Explorer to get a ticket!

TML: Would you like to make any plugs?

LEFTHOUSE: I think I did just plug my movie theater, but I would also have to say watch The Upland Action News! We are bringing the heat!!

TML: Anything else you’d like to share/include in your profile

LEFTHOUSE: I like to keep it creative. I believe in the great words of Wonka, “We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of the dream.” Say hello, lets create!(Feel free to include any links to content you’ve created and/or Images you’d like to us on your profile)


Thanks LEFTHOUSE, what amazing Uplander and Multi Talented Person! A true renaissance man!

Since this interview, LEFTHOUSE has also been a large part of the UplandFanArt (UFA) AtomicAsset Community be sure to check out some of his work:

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