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Picture taken August 2nd 2020. Click to image to see EmGi’s current profile.

Welcome to another installment of our “Meet an Uplander” series where we will introduce you to various members of the community so you can; learn more about them, how they came to Upland, and what they are looking to get out of the game. Hopefully you will (or maybe already have) get to interact with these members in a more social settings like Discord.

TML: Tell us a little bit about yourself; where in the world are you from? Anything interesting you’d like to share about yourself with the community?

EmGi: I’m 24 Years old. I live in Germany and I have just completed my further education as a mechanical engineer.

TMI: What’s your background; Crypto or Gaming?

EmGi: Like many in my Generation I grew up with Gaming. I don’t have as much time for Video games left as I used to have but i still enjoy them. My first experience with Crypto was in the Year 2017. I have read a few articles but thats everything. But from the beginning I was Interested in the Blockchain technology

TML: How did you hear about Upland?

EmGi: I got it Randomly Recommended on the Google Play store.

TML: What is the most exciting thing to you about Upland?

EmGi: Definitely The Community. From the beginning the Community was helpful and friendly. I’ve been playing this game for about 3 Months now and I had a lot of contact with other Uplanders; It’s just incredible.

TML: What is your favorite property (it can be owned by you or someone else)? Why?

EmGi: Many of you may know it already because I had the Honor to host the 4th July Fireworks on this Property. It’s 3380 20th Street. Its my favorite Property because I’m a Big fan of Pickle Rick (who would have thought) and there is a Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop on that Property

TML: Absolutely legendary! Anything else you’d like to share/include in your profile?

EmGi: I’m a Big fan of Data and Analyzing stuff. So i created my own Program to analyze Upland. The Results are Posted on my Youtube Channel “Upland Data” where I’m trying to publish what I’ve collected in a very interesting and fancy way for everyone.

Thanks for your time EmGi, and if you haven’t seen the Upland Data content on Twitter and YouTube go check it out!

As a huge fan of Pickle Rick myself I absolutely love what they did for your explorer, they nailed it!

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