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Picture taken July 25th 2020. Click to image to see Nichiren’s current profile.

Welcome to another installment of our “Meet an Uplander” series where we will introduce you to various members of the community so you can; learn more about them, how they came to Upland, and what they are looking to get out of the game. Hopefully you will (or maybe already have) get to interact with these members in a more social settings like Discord.

TML: Tell us a little bit about yourself; where in the world are you from?

Nichiren: Arizona.

TML: What’s your background; Crypto or Gaming?

Nichiren: Tech. Started programming on a TRS-80 Model III when I was 9. I was a Sr. Manager at IBM for 16 years and managed teams of pretty much all disciples (dev, architects, testers, QA, sales, early adopters, etc..). I continue working in tech doing similar work but for a different company

TML: Got to love the techies! So, how did you hear about Upland?

Nichiren: A little squirrel told me and what I mean by that is I was researching a band called TINARIWEN who was about to reveal an animated video on this page and for some reason I started thinking about Llamas so I squirreled into a new search on Llamas and stumbled upon blockchain games and that squirreled me to Upland.

TML: Well that is quite the journey! Now that you’re here; What is the most exciting thing to you about Upland?

Nichiren: Watching how it develops and seeing what features Upland focuses on to ensure its success or failure.

TML: Let’s hope for success 🙂 What is your favorite property (it can be owned by you or someone else)?

Nichiren: Angel Island Visitor center.

TML: Why?

Nichiren: It was my first win in the property events. It is far away from everyone. It is quiet, peaceful and it is just me and my cat Zoe and all her kitty friends.

TML: Love it! Those are great properties! Be sure to check it out in game HERE. Would you like to make any plugs?

Nichiren: Upland Global News and Entertainment Network

TML: Please do yourself a favor, like and subscribe to UGN! I love your show, always very entertaining. Upland.Guru also posts all the Upland Global News we can get our hand! Find it all under the tag #UGN!

TML: Anything else you’d like to share/include in your profile (Feel free to include any links to content you’ve created and/or Images you’d like to us on your profile)


Whether you love him, hate him, don’t understand him, or just want to throw a pineapple at his head; Nichiren is always entertaining. Thanks for letting us look behind the stage in this installment of Meet an Uplander.

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One thought on “Meet an Uplander – Nichiren

  1. Another great interview. When I was a kid, it was not cool to love computers or any form of tech. Nerds, geeks and dweebs have now become kings and queens.

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