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Picture taken July 17th 2020. Click to image to see Dazzled’s current profile.

Welcome to another installment of our new series “Meet an Uplander”. In this series we will introduce you to various members of the community so you can; learn more about them, how they came to Upland, and what they are looking to get out of the game. Hopefully you will (or maybe already have) get to interact with these members in more social settings like Discord.

TML: Tell us a little bit about yourself; where in the world are you from? Anything interesting you’d like to share about yourself with the community?

Dazzled: My explorer name is Dazzled, I am from England UK and I am lead singer/rhythm guitarist/songwriter in band Captain Crash & the Magic Hats

TML: What’s your background; Crypto or Gaming?

Dazzled: My background is mainly gaming but have been exploring some Eth based games recently

TML: How did you hear about Upland?

Dazzled: I heard about Upland through Youtube, I think it was maxdapp’s channel

TML: What is the most exciting thing to you about Upland?

Dazzled: I really enjoy treasure hunts but I’m not very good at them, I also love getting my divs and looking forward to how the future unfolds, pretty exciting times

TML: What is your favorite property (it can be owned by you or someone else)? Why?

Dazzled: I think my fave property is 401 Filbert St by Telegraph Hill Blvd as I can look out of the Coit Tower from there 😉

TML: Would you like to make any plugs?

Dazzled: Yes I would like to plug my band Captain Crash & The Magic Hats. You can listen to us here

TML: Anything else you’d like to share/include in your profile?

Dazzled: We also have a YouTube channel: Captain Crash and The Magic Hats

On a personal note, I love the band name and totally support any band that has a member in a Top Hat!

So cool Dazzled! Glad to know there are bona fide rockstars out in the community! Be sure to check Dazzled and his band out! Maybe we will get to hear them live at an Upland venue some time.

If you want to learn about more of your fellow Uplanders be sure to find the whole list of current and upcoming Meet an Uplander articles here.

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