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Picture taken July 19th 2020. Click to image to see Ben68’s current profile.

Welcome to another installment of our new series “Meet an Uplander”. In this series we will introduce you to various members of the community so you can; learn more about them, how they came to Upland, and what they are looking to get out of the game. Hopefully you will (or maybe already have) get to interact with these members in more social settings like Discord.

TML: Tell us a little bit about yourself; where in the world are you from? Anything interesting you’d like to share about yourself with the community?

Ben68: I’m from the Gold Coast in Australia. BEN68 comes from my name and my old racing number. I raced karts for several years before moving into Formula Vee where I claimed rookie of the year and went on to later win the state championship. I had the option to run in the National series but chose to put the money towards university instead. 10 years of study and three degrees later, I’m still unsure if I regret the decision or not… The Samurai helmet is homage to my six years living in Japan and the Japanese side of my family. The decision to move back to Australia in 2015, is another one I’m still unsure if I regret or not.

TML: What’s your background; Crypto or Gaming?

Ben68: Both, I got into crypto through gaming. Most of my gaming revolves around my own games (I’m a hobby game programmer etc) and beta testing mobile games.

TML: How did you hear about Upland?

Ben68: Through Twitter I believe, although I don’t actually remember.

TML: What is the most exciting thing to you about Upland?

Ben68: I’m a huge fan of idle clicker games and it’s that aspect that captured and maintains my interest the most. Being a keen beta tester, I also enjoy watching how this all unfolds and am stoked to be involved.

TML: What is your favorite property (it can be owned by you or someone else)? Why?

Ben68: 300 Clay Street. It was my goal for the end of my first massive (in overall UPX amount) portfolio rebalancing and the sister properties either side of it were the recent icing on the cake.

TML: Anything else you’d like to share/include in your profile?

Ben68: Don’t be afraid to take short term losses in Upland to increase your long term gains.

Thanks for sharing about yourself! Its good to learn a little more about the man behind the mask! World traveler, race car driver, three degrees!? Is there anything Ben68 can’t do! So cool!

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