How to make money in Upland (Basics)

Monthly Interest 

All properties earn an interest rate of 1.44% per month based on their original starting price. (NOT RESELL PRICE) This can currently only be modified by adding that property to a completed collection. Collection completion and management are critical to maximising your monthly UPX gains. Current bonuses range from 10% (1.1x) to 200% (3x) That means the properties in the highest level collection make 4.32% interest a month! Now before you get too excited it should be noted that the Ultra Rare Collections (Yellow) are almost impossible to get in the game and would require to buy very expensive second-hand properties. For more details on the collections and collection strategies, see the next section.

Selling Properties

Being that this is a property owning/selling/trading game it’s no surprise one of the biggest UPX generators in the game is buying and selling properties. The concept here is easy enough, buy a property and sell it for more than it cost you. When pricing don’t forget to take into account the 5% commissions taken out, (Note there is also a 5% upcharge for the buyer’s too) So a 10k UPX will yield the seller 9,500 UPX and cost the buyer 10,500 UPX. (These fees are what keeps the lights on in the game) The guide will go over more detailed property values in a later section.

Treasure Hunts

Introduced in the Mojito release Treasure Hunts (THs) are a great way to win some UPX. Periodically throughout the day treasures will spawn on Minted (owned) Upland properties. There are two types of THs Limited (LM) THs which spawn every 15-30 Minutes and are worth on average 300-600 UPX (Note: there are rare cases that LMs can hit 10k UPX!) and Exclusive (EX) THs that spawn every 1-3 hours and are worth on average 2k-6k UPX (Note: there are rare cases that EXs can hit 50k+UPX!) We will cover TH in more details in a later section but know its competitive but winnable if you try. 

With TH 2.0 there are now also personal hunts that you can do free daily, or pay 100UPX to refresh.

Visitor Travel Fees

What is a visitor fee? This is the cost to travel to a minted property you do not own. This fee is set by the property owner. It can be set between 20-100 UPX (New feature as of Mojito) and defaults to 40 UPX.

With the addition of treasure hunts this is now a notable form of income. While you’re unlikely to make a huge profit from these fees, having properties in high traffic areas could really help add some UPX to your weekly earnings. 

What should I set my Visitor Fee to? Well, I keep all 500+ of my properties to the minimum 20 UPX to help the community and make it more affordable for people to TH. There are several people who have set their properties to 100 UPX and I know people actively avoid those but sometimes you have to pay it and that can be a profitable play. At the end of the day it’s completely your choice and I don’t have enough data to support one strategy over another from a profitability perspective.

Official Community Events

Mojito introduced Live Community events that are hosted by the Upland team. Each one will likely be unique to the event. The first Live Event was for St Patrick’s day and included hunting for hidden pots of gold and ended with a massive Leprechaun pinata that had over 168k UPX in it!

Unofficial Community Events/Challenges

I (ThankMeLater) host a ton of fun unofficial events like searches and challenges. I am also starting a weekly “split the pot” where I name a property and every visitor there is entered to win ½ the visitors fees of the property for the week. If you have any ideas for contests you’d like to see please let me know.

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